Commerce 2018-2022 Strategic Plan Progress Summary

See how the Department of Commerce is HELPING THE AMERICAN ECONOMY GROW.
This Citizen's View Dashboard links to our stories and presents a summary of key performance indicators (KPIs) that show the American public the progress we are making across the 5 goals and 17 objectives in our Strategic Plan.
KPI tile performance status criteria:  Exceeded (over 100% of target); Met (90%-100% of target); Not Met (below 90% of target)

Accelerate American Leadership

The United States leads the world in research, invention, and innovation. To strengthen our leadership, Commerce is supporting growth in commercial space, investing in research, and protecting IP.

Enhance Job Creation

Job creation is fundamental to the Department of Commerce mission. We create the conditions for economic growth and opportunity.

Strengthen U.S. Economic and National Security

The Department of Commerce operates on multiple fronts to protect Americans and the U.S. economy.

Fulfill Constitutional Requirements and Support Economic Activity

"We the People" is America's source of strength. The Department of Commerce provides critical data for research and decision-making across all sectors of the economy.

Deliver Customer-Centric Service Excellence

We are implementing strategies to improve service and efficiency, and engage employees by better aligning their time and efforts to the Department’s priorities.

This dashboard shows two KPIs per Strategic Objective that illustrate progress. The underlying performance data shown in all the KPI tiles above are made available for downloading and direct connecting via Application Programming Interface (API).