Commerce 2022-2026 Strategic Plan Progress Summary

See how the Department of Commerce creates the conditions for economic growth and opportunity for all communities

This Citizen's View Dashboard links to our stories and presents a summary of key performance indicators (KPIs) that show the American public the progress we are making across the 5 goals and 23 objectives in our Strategic Plan.
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KPI tile performance status criteria: Exceeded (over 100% of target); Met (90%-100% of target); Not Met (below 90% of target)

Drive U.S. Innovation and Global Competitiveness
Strategic Goal – 1
"Everything we do is designed to achieve one overarching goal: improve America’s economic competitiveness."
– Secretary Raimondo
1.1 Revitalize U.S. manufacturing and strengthen domestic supply chains
1.2 Accelerate the development, commercialization, and deployment of critical and emerging technologies
1.3 Increase international cooperation and commerce 
1.4 Protect national security interests and enforce trade rules
1.5 Promote accessible, strong, and effective intellectual property rights to advance innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship
1.6 Improve the Nation's cybersecurity and protect Federal Government networks
1.7 Advance U.S. leadership in the global commercial space industry

Foster Inclusive Capitalism and Equitable Economic Growth
Strategic Goal – 2
"We are actively working to help communities build back equitably so that no one gets left behind."
– Deputy Secretary Grave
2.1 Drive Equitable, resilient, place-based economic development and job growth
2.2 Build sustainable, employer-driven career pathways to meet employers' need for talent and to connect Americans to quality jobs
2.3 Advance entrepreneurship and high-growth small and medium-sized enterprises
2.4 Expand affordable, high-quality broadband to every American

Address the Climate Crisis Through Mitigation, Adaptation, and Resilience Efforts
Strategic Goal – 3
"We can’t wait to tackle the climate crisis. The signs are unmistakable. The science is undeniable. And the cost of inaction keeps mounting."
– President Biden
3.1 Increase the impact of climate data and services for decisionmakers through enhanced service delivery and improved weather, water, and climate forecasts
3.2 Strengthen coastal resilience and advance conservation of lands and waters for current and future generations
3.3 Accelerate development and deployment of clean technologies
3.4 Embed climate considerations across Department programs

Expand Opportunity and Discovery Through Data
Strategic Goal – 4
"By leveraging Commerce data, we will spur good-paying jobs, empower entrepreneurs to innovate and grow, and help all American workers and businesses to compete here at home and abroad."
– Secretary Raimondo
4.1 Implement evidence-based decision making within the Department of Commerce to increase program and policy impact
4.2 Modernize economic and demographic statistics to better meet business, policymaker, and community needs
4.3 Improve Commerce data usability and advance ethical, responsible, and equitable data practices

Provide 21st Century Service with 21st Century Capabilities
Strategic Goal – 5
"It’s more important now than it has ever been that we work together to build a 21st century economy with American businesses and American workers at the forefront."
– Secretary Raimondo
5.1 Effectively implement new Department of Commerce authorities and investments
5.2 Optimize workforce and diversity, equity, and inclusion practices   
5.3 Equitably deliver exceptional customer experience
5.4 Make department facilities and operations more sustainable and efficient
5.5 Modernize mission support processes and infrastructure

The underlying performance data shown in all the KPI tiles above are made available for downloading and direct connecting via Application Programming Interface (API).