Department of Commerce Performance by Bureau

This Citizen's View Dashboard provides historical data for specific key performance indicators used by each of the Department of Commerce's 11 bureaus. The pie charts below summarize each bureau's overall performance indicator status for FY 2020 and the stacked bar charts below show the annual historical trend. By clicking on the Bureau Performance Dashboard tiles on the left side below you will see that bureau's detailed performance indicator data.
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Performance status criteria: Exceeded (over 100% of target); Met (90%-100% of target); Not Met (below 90% of target)

Bureaus are listed in size order by total number for employees. Each Bureau Citizen's View dashboard provides historical data for the specific performance indicators the bureau uses to measure progress. These KPIs align to the data reported by each bureau in the Department's Congressional Budget Justification. The underlying performance data shown in all the charts above are made available for downloading and direct connecting via Application Programming Interface (API).