Space Situational Awareness

A Department of Commerce Agency Priority Goal (APG) is a two-year initiative to improve performance of a specific high-priority policy or management area. Each APG has a goal leader, results-based goal statement, strategies, a plan of actions and milestones, and measurable performance targets. Most importantly, accomplishing an APG will have a significant positive impact on the lives of all U.S. citizens. This is one of five APGs the Department of Commerce has for 2020-2021.
Goal Leader: Kevin O’Connell, Director, Office of Space Commerce
Goal Statement: The increasing number of objects and participants in space present new threats that inhibit the growth of space commerce. To better track objects in orbit and predict where they will be at any given time, the Department of Commerce, as directed by the President per Space Policy Directive 3 and in partnership with the Department of Defense and the commercial industry, will coordinate the development and implementation of a modern space situational awareness (SSA) capability. The Department’s Office of Space Commerce will achieve SSA initial operational capability by 30 September 2021.
Photo: Space Situational Awareness - Earth with satellites in orbit
Progress Update Summary:  The Department is on track to accomplish all APG targets across the four key strategies: hire and leverage mission-critical staff; develop and build an open architecture data repository; encourage development of standards and best practices; and continued industry engagement. Click here to read the detailed Q1-Q2 FY 2020 Progress Update.
Learn More About the Space Situational Awareness: Space Situational Awareness means the knowledge and characterization of space objects and their operational environment to support safe, stable, and sustainable space activities.  Space Policy Directive-3 designates the Department of Commerce as the lead civilian agency for providing basic SSA data and space traffic management services to commercial space operators:

Additional APG information is available on the Office of Management and Budget (OMB)  website: